The Premise

Nick Dealtry has returned home to confront his demons; both figuratively, and literally. To him was bequeathed an ancient tome filled with anecdotes and histories of powerful, magical relics; remnants of a forgotten age acquired through sorcery, subterfuge or chance. But as Nick is learning to believe in a great many things, chance is not one of them.

Deciphering mere fragments of the text, Nick begins an arduous journey, treading paths both spiritual and magical. He shows a natural aptitude in assimilating the lore but each discovery unearths new questions. Each relic bestows the curse of temptation… or the guilt of abstinence.

Realizing the significance of so many recent finds, and predicting an imminent day of reckoning, Nick has organized a diverse group of friends, mercenaries, archeologists, zealots, terrorists, and like minded philosophers to scour the earth for similar artifacts. His crusade has not gone unnoticed by international government and military agencies, corporate capitalists, extremist cults, and other enemies yet unknown.

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