Scraps and Remnants



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11/02/2014 10:13 PM

We're in the middle of issue ten which is going to be a strange story arc mainly due to its length. So far we've had a four issue arc, a two issue arc and then a three issue arc. This next one is likely to go the distance because there's a lot of related threads and we definitely don't want to make the mistake of compressing it. (Or did you like that confusion in issues 1-4?)

It's a chance to start showing off some strong female characters and to really delve into the backgrounds of the people we think we already know. Some aren't as shallow as you might think. Some are moreso. 

While you're waiting, here are a few panels from that upcoming issue:





And as a gift on one of the artist and writer collaboration pages on facebook, the talanted Holly Nicholls sketched a quick rendition of La Cegua, a Nicaraguan legend in and around Lake Managua:


(Thanks, Holly!)

Anyway we're realling gearing up to give you the best story yet. Please stick with us and keep the comments coming in.


Megacon 2014

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03/31/2014 12:06 PM

Thanks to everyone who had a chance to visit us at Megacon 2014.

We got to meet a lot of people, and inbetween those visits, we got a lot of writing done. I've got a composition book half-filled with new takes on arcs we'd already written. I guess once you see how previous arcs unfold, after they've been printed, it just fills you with ideas on what you can do to make things even better.

Traffic on Saturday was a bitch. Wow. Leaving at 9:15 from our shitty hotel six miles away wasn't enough to get there by 10. It was enough to get dropped off on I-Drive around 11 to run the rest of the way, while Alex sat in the parking lanes for another hour and a half. And apparently we got off light.

This time we tried something new. With each purchase of a trade paperback, we gave supporters a free link to the digital PDFs of future comics. Based on the response to that, we might keep it up.

We had a chance to talk with Martin Dunn and Scott Morse who are also local Tampa creators. And we met some of the creators of Dark Side Global (a Miami based group who created Max Hunter, definitely worth checking out). And we had a blast sitting next to the Eric and Robbie from the Handsome Boys Comics Hour. (These guys have a really entertaining podcast based on comics culture which offers exploratory insights into the similarities between Kitty Pryde's Lockheed and Figment, the relevence of organic dildos, and even a plug of our own indy rag - please check it out).

Hands down, the best find of the con, was a book called Flesh of White created by Erica J. Heflin and Amanda Rachels which will get a better write-up on our recommendations page.

A few pleasant surprises as well as Tad Kelsen (editor for Protodimensions, the Dark Conspiracy fan magazine) stopped by to introduce himself:


As well as a few other acquaintences from high school or just around (Dylan, Pam, Kat, Maria, Karl & family...  thanks!)

And, uh, Space Ghost...


As always, the best part was talking with a handful of fans we'd seen before. Don't get us wrong. We're going to do this series even if we're the only ones reading, but the encouragement we get from interested fans is beyond measure to us. So a sincere Thank You! to all who took the time.

Til the next con.

The Covenant

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02/11/2014 10:34 PM

This is the first arc (#7-#9) we've written which captures every aspect I wanted to include in Remnants. It feels like Lovecraft and X-Files and Tarantino with a good mix of history and the wonder you should feel when experiencing this stuff.

I hope the rest of the story arcs even come close to this one. And they will. Because they seem to keep getting better.

I would redo the first arc if I could. I'd add more dialogue and more explanations. That's the single most common complaint we've heard.

But we learned. We made changes. And we moved forward.

I hope you enjoy the stuff that's coming out. I'm extremely proud of it.


The king has laid himself down and will not rise again,
The Lord of Kullab will not rise again;
He overcame evil, he will not come again;
Though he was strong of arm he will not rise again;
He had wisdom and a comely face, he will not come again;
He is gone into the mountain, he will not come again;
On the bed of fate he lies, he will not rise again,
Front the couch of many colours he will not come again.

Tampa Bay Comic Con 2013

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04/07/2013 11:11 PM

Wow. That was kind of a zoo.

Lauren Cohan from Walking Dead was on hand to sign autographs and do photo-ops. Well the line for that wound its way around the building and out to the parking garage. Soon after, the Fire Marshall arrived to shut things down.

In spite of all that, we were able to move a lot of trade paperbacks this weekend and met a TON of new faces who seemed interested in our work and in Indy Comics in general.

We met an awesome group of New Orleans natives who were so thrilled with JM's rendition of Louis Armstrong Park, that they bought several trades on the spot!

And we saw lots of familiar faces too.

Folks from Con Artist Entertainment stopped by. (If you haven't checked out Martin Dunn's kickstarter for Joshua Black, please consider doing that:

And we got a lot of writing done. Don't get us wrong. The story is done. It's been done for awhile. But somehow the stuff just keeps getting better. We've got a lot of new characters we can't wait to try out.

Remnants #5 was just added to (it may take a few more hours to show up in search queries) and will be in print in just a few weeks and we're on schedule to finish #6 sometime in the May/June time-frame.

Last note. May 4th is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. It also happens to be (perhaps not by coincidence) the day before our Kickstarter ends. We plan to drink plenty on Cinco de Mayo, for one reason or another!

Thanks again to the friendly convention folks who let us take up part of their day at our table. And thanks for the recent emails and notes and thanks to the KICKSTARTER BACKERS we've recently received as well!

You guys are awesome.

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Megacon and our Kickstarter

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03/14/2013 08:08 PM

The next few weeks will be a kind of make or break for us.

We've scheduled three appearances to present our comic during this time. This weekend is the largest convention we've ever done, and the largest comic convention in Florida (and one of the largest in the country), Megacon 2013 in Orlando.

We really don't know what to expect. We don't know if we brought too much or too little, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

In addition to celebrities (like the entire cast of Star Trek TNG, Jeremy Bolloch (Boba Fett), some Ghost Hunters, a few walkers from Walking Dead, and hundreds of comic, toy, and game vendors, we'll have our shop set up at Indy Booth #20. If you're going, please stop by and check out our work.

April 8th is Tampa Bay Comic Con and May 4th is Free Comic Day at Yancy Street Comics in Port Richey.

Meanwhile, we've just launched the Remnants official Kickstarter:

Please check it out. We're prepared to be very generous with rewards for all of our backers. You can donate just a buck, and get a variant digital copy of the first issue or you can donate $50 and get a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION to the ENTIRE SERIES (including a trade paperback of the first eight issues SIGNED BY THE WRITERS and signed photos, signed scripts, AND personalized letters and prints). Or donate anywhere inbetween. Any support will help!

So wish us luck over the next few weeks. Our last scheduled event is May 4th which is a night before the Kickstarter ends. I figure either way, on Cinco de Mayo, we'll have a reason to drink!

After the Ordeal

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10/29/2012 06:12 PM

We got some nice feedback from a few readers who stopped by our table at the Tampa Bay Comic Con.

Really nice letters in some cases (thanks Nathan and "KES")!

#4 should be out around end of November or early December, which will be the final issue of the first story arc: After the Ordeal. (The next one, incidentally, is called Ripples).

Next March is Megacon in Orlando, which will be a milemark for us. We'll have the trade of the first four books (with some extra bits in it, so consideer picking it up even if you already have the issues).

If you've read any of our books and loved or hated them. Please consider sending us feedback. It encourages us and in some cases, really improves our work.


Issue Four

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10/11/2012 10:18 PM

What can I say.

issue 4, p1


issue 4, p3 pencils


issue 4, p4


issue 4, p15


issue 4, p18 pencils


issue 4, p17

TBCC October 2012

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10/11/2012 10:07 PM

Alex and I will be at the Tampa Bay Comic Con on October 20th and 201st (well, mostly Alex on Saturday the 20th).

We'll have signed issues of issues 1-3 and lots of previews for the upcoming fourth issues.

We'll also have lots of prints for sale and maybe a few posters and t-shirts.

We really hope you can make it.

Tampa Bay Comic Con

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03/05/2012 11:44 AM

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted with us this weekend at the Doubletree.


It was a great chance to talk about the series and where it's going and to hear about what a lot of other folks are up to too. We also had a chance to show off some new posters and images from the upcoming third issue. Thanks to everyone who talked to us or supported us or offered any encouragement, and especially for the feedback; good and bad. We really appreciate that.

Special thanks to the folks at for organizing some of the local talant to see if we can help each other out a little. If you're interested in helping those folks out or promoting something of your own, give them a look.

Thanks to Tim Willams for stopping by with his amazing Darth Maul gig and wish him luck at Disney.


And consider checking out Deep Space Tragedy by Mike Wagganer, another local artist trying to promote his work. It's a great read.

Thanks again. And for the folks who picked up #2, we hope you enjoy it.

Protodimensions #11

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02/12/2012 11:34 PM

So during the last Tampa Bay Comic Con (btw, the next one is coming up on March 3rd and 4th), Alex and I had a little time on our hands. So we wrote an adventure for Protodimensions, a fan magazine for the Dark Conspiracy role playing game.

Well Protodimensions #11 has just come out and we like the way it turned out. You can pick it up for free here. We really hope you enjoy it.

A million thanks to Norm Fenlason and Lee Williams for putting the magazine together.

March 3rd @ TBCC

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02/08/2012 11:52 PM

We'll be at Tampa Bay Comic Con on March 3rd and 4th with a good sized stack of the second issue of Remants. We'll also have issue #1 and a variant for it, and lots of sample art from all published issues and upcoming issue #3. Hope to see you there.

4500 West Cypress Street
Tampa, FL 33607

Guest of Honor Jim Steranko (Captain America, X-Men), as well as Brian Kong (Captain America), Pablo Marcus (Conan, Red Sonja), and many other artists will be there.


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02/05/2012 01:16 AM

Starting work on #3. Pencils below.

Originally we were going to publish this one first. It's just the strongest of the first four. But I thought about it, and I always hated that "Hey! Here's this really cool scene to suck you in! But now, two weeks prior..." bullshit. So we didn't do it.

It will be 28 pages, all rendered by JM Ringuet. We're truly excited.

#2 is at the printers and we'll have copies with us at the Tampa Bay Comic Con in a few weeks. It will be available online a few days before that.


Yancy Street

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12/18/2011 11:02 PM

We had an awesome time at the Yancy Street comic con. Thanks to the staff, and the other friendly vendors at the tables nearby. There were definitely many deals to be had.

Preparation made a difference for us. Prints from both issues and previews from issue #2 were on hand to show off (and JM received a ton of praise for some of his latest inks/colors). Plenty of copies of #1 (and the recent variant) were around. Folks were friendly and interested, and we actually came with proper change this time!

Thanks to absolutely everyone who bothered to take chance on an Indy comic that didn't have a little diamond in the upper corner. We really appreciate the faith, and promise not to let you down. #2 will be due out in a few short weeks.

Thanks especially to Kevin and also Nathan who checked us out at the Tampa Comic Con, sent some really cool feedback, and made a point to stop by and visit us again here. We really appreciate the encouragement. Thanks to who runs his own table, and who stopped by to tell us what he thought of the issue he picked up at the Tampa Bay Comic Con, and thanks to Jeff (at the adjacent table) who surprised us with one of our own comics he'd kept since the last con. That was really cool.


Between customers and passer-bys, we took the time to polish up a Protodimensions submission due out next month, hatched a few alternate reality space-setting/horror ideas, and I got to hear the pitch for a novella that Alex has been brewing for some time now. I won't spoil it here. When he's ready, he'll blog on his own, but it is fucking amazing.

Many thanks to Harrison/Superman who ran enough laps around the con to speed up time. Thanks also to Jeff and his wife at an adjacent table for the company during a few slow times. (Less thanks to whoever cropdusted us, twice). And while we feel terrible witnessing whoever's comic wall that was which fell and busted into a million piecies, props where they are due to the owner, who came armed with a Home Depot power tools rack. The man came ready to do work. Good as new in no time. (Ok, maybe some comics were slightly discounted...)

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who visited us. Thanks to those who bought something and thanks to those who just listened and grabbed a card. And if you just listened to our shpeel, then you know that in a few short weeks, we'll offer a digital PDF of the first book on this site for FREE. Please check it out. All we ask is that after you read it, please just let us know what you thought.

Take care. Merry Christmas.

Scott and Alex

Quick update. Facebook. Local stuff.

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11/19/2011 09:28 PM

We have a new public group on Facebook. Check it out if you get a chance and "Like" us there.

Thanks to Yancy Street Comics for shelving Remnants #1. (Likewise, thanks to Wonder Water, Emerald City, Serenity, and Weekend Warriors at Oldsmar Flea Market for helping us out).

Someone asked about what other local talant is here in Tampa as far as Indy or self published stuff goes. I can recommend a ton of good stuff at Indy Planet, but locally, I haven't really kept up.

I recently read a silent "Don't Take Your Guns to Town" by Daniel Boyd. I thought it was a pleasant and itneresting read which I think was based on the old Johnny Cash song, or maybe it was his own statement. Anyway it was something creative to try. After reading the book, I checked out his site. That was some pretty creative stuff.

A friend Scott Morse has his own comic called Realm Quest. Consider checking it out. I think it is on sale at most Wonder Water locations and definitely at Weekend Warriors at Oldsmar Flea Market (C 10, east side). Or if you're not local, you can get it here at Indy Planet.

Very Near Mint by Justin Peterson just came out recently. It's a trade, probably 150 pages or so? I've read about half of it and thought it was pretty entertaining. It's about some guys who run a local comic shop. Their weekly shipment of comics goes up in smoke and they have to stave off the zombie-like wave of angry fanboys. So far, it's good for a laugh ;)

The Ciderview Project is an older book created by Michael Goodman, a Florida native. It gets some mixed reviews, but I'm kind of a fan of innovative and creative things whether or not they're polished. It was a 12 issue series, but I'm not sure if it was ever completed. (I've got the first three of them).

Tampa Bay Comic Con

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11/14/2011 06:32 PM

It was a fun time and a hell of a learning experience.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and especially to the ones who were patient while we tried to sort out change! (We'll be better prepared next time).

Thanks to Bianca who offered tons of valuable advice (and yeah, even changed a few singles for us...). Your artwork is amazing. Good luck at Megacon.


We were also set up next to Devin Reeve of Revenger Comics who produced an innovative graphic novel called Humpty Dumpty, which is (of course) about... rednecks and aliens. Doubters can read about it for themselves and maybe consider buying a copy. They've got a movie coming out next year based on it.

Thanks to Daniel, Jacquie, and Duke for making it out to visit us.

And between customers, yeah, Alex and I were working on submission for the next issue of Protodimensions.

Thanks again, we had a great time. Now we're setting up for Yancy Street Comic Con this December 18th.


Tampa Bay Comic Con - November 13th

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11/06/2011 01:31 AM

Next week, Alex and I will be at the Doubletree in Tampa for the Tampa Bay Comic Con tryin to push a few copies of Remnants #1.

If you haven't got a copy yet, or want a signed one, or you just want to hang out, please stop by and talk with us. We'll have a few sample pages of #2 on hand, some scripts, and if you show us a paid admission to the con (a whopping $5), we'll knock two bucks off the cover price of the book.

There'll be a few walkers from The Walking Dead at the tables next to us, Cary Nord (Conan, Daredevil), and Bob McLeod (Spiderman, The New Mutants, Star Wars) will be around too. Definitely check it out!


Wonderwater & Emerald City

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10/27/2011 01:44 AM

Stop by Wonderwater Cards and Comics or Emerald City in the Clearwater/Seminole area and ask for Remnants. They should have a few in stock for you.

Or if you're nowhere near there, you can still get a copy here, but if you do that, consider also picking up a copy of American Sinner. This was a piece of magic that really could have been picked up by Vertigo or Dark Horse. It's an innovative, concisely told, and INTERESTING story about a guy who.. well.. ok, he makes snuff movies. What. You don't go over the speed limit every once in awhile? Never jaywalk? Let's not judge.

Anyway... we're starting this week on Remnants #2 and we're really excited about it. I mean, as much fun as the disaster was, don't you want to meet a few of the people behind it?

Necronomicon was great. We met a lot of friendly people willing to give the book a read and we got a lot of useful feedback on it.

(Thanks to Eric, Matt, Daniel, John, Amy, Skittlz, the other Eric, Heather, Ken, and to the guy guarding the elevator who needed something to read. Thanks also to whoever kept shouting "poop dollar" in the back of the hotel. You do good work.)

More soon...


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10/11/2011 03:19 PM

It's out.

By a copy here:

Buy ten. Or a million.

We'll be taking a few with us to Necronomicon 2011 on October 21-23 and to the Tampa Comics Con on November 13th. Stop by, pick up a signed copy, and check out what's new for upcoming issues.

Ka-blam has been great. They had a few bumps getting it out but they really went out of their way to help us make these cons. If you see us wearing the T-shirts, that's why.

Please take a few minutes and let us know what you thought of it. You can use the contact form here or if it gives you any trouble, feel free to email us at or We really want to hear what you think.


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09/10/2011 09:27 PM

Like us on Facebook!


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09/09/2011 05:55 PM

Both covers and all twenty three pages are done.


We'll spend the week proofing, gets ads together, adding a few notes, and then this fucker is off to the printers. By this time next week, we'll have links to pre-order a copy and a way to help us get future issues done if you feel so inclined. Doing that is a way to get signed issues, posters, coffee mugs, variant copies and digital copies and so on.

To everyone who helped us proofread it and offered advice, thank you. We'll be reaching out to you individually to ask if you'd like to be mentioned in the notes.

To everyone who listened patiently or even just "faked it", thank you, too. The support made a difference.

The Covers

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09/08/2011 06:37 PM

JM has done a hell of a job penciling the two variant covers for Remnants #1.



Can't wait to see the colors...



Day 0

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09/03/2011 07:52 PM

Well, it's really happening.

The site is up. The first issue is almost finished and soon will be ready for print.

It's been a pipe dream for the past ten years. To somehow get this amazing story that Alex and I discovered in New Orleans back in 2002. To find a way to polish it enough to make it worth telling to anyone who wants to hear a story they've truly never heard.

I've dabbled with sketching my whole life, but really, the level of work required here was just beyond me. No matter how good the story is, you can't get someone to listen if they can't understand the words.

So over the years, Alex and I worked with the scripts. We developed a solid plot with really innovative development and a place to rest our feet at the very end. If you really want your work to be a piece of art, you just have to know where you're going to end up. Or you're just wandering.

So we hashed it out. We decided on everyone's roles and motives. Then we added some extra dimensions to the characters. Because I've never been able to completely figure out a single person in my life. Why should these guys be any different? Why would they be any less complex?

We took it as far as a story and a script would go. And we ran into the same obstacle that had impeded us from the beginning. We needed a good artist.

If you've never read Transhuman, I urge you to stop what you're doing and go buy a copy now. Aside from a cleverly crafted story flavored rather than laden with exposition, you will see raw artistic talant in the pencils and colors indicative of an industry breakthrough. JM Ringuet was a hell of a find. He is doing with digital art what McFarlane did with traditional illustration in the 90s; completely redefining it.

His rough lines and shapes give a grit to the book which is polished by colors which seem to bleed onto the page. It forces you to consider every single panel. You know that it's raw. And you know that it's real. And you can't just gloss over it.

And now we're really close.

Whenever I talk to anyone about this comic I always make two things really clear:

  1. We know it isn't suited for everyone. It isn't a mainstream comic.
  2. There are easier ways to get rich. We aren't doing this for the money.

We just want to tell the story; to finish it. The dream is that someone can hear about it, learn a little more about it, and then if they like, they'll have the opportunity to get a copy and maybe even enjoy it.

We've put pages up on the site to hopefully encourage you to give it a shot. Read a little about us. Read a little about the story. Maybe read a little about our inspirations. Once you get immersed in it, it's really very addictive.

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