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Wonderwater & Emerald City

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10/27/2011 01:44 AM

Stop by Wonderwater Cards and Comics or Emerald City in the Clearwater/Seminole area and ask for Remnants. They should have a few in stock for you.

Or if you're nowhere near there, you can still get a copy here, but if you do that, consider also picking up a copy of American Sinner. This was a piece of magic that really could have been picked up by Vertigo or Dark Horse. It's an innovative, concisely told, and INTERESTING story about a guy who.. well.. ok, he makes snuff movies. What. You don't go over the speed limit every once in awhile? Never jaywalk? Let's not judge.

Anyway... we're starting this week on Remnants #2 and we're really excited about it. I mean, as much fun as the disaster was, don't you want to meet a few of the people behind it?

Necronomicon was great. We met a lot of friendly people willing to give the book a read and we got a lot of useful feedback on it.

(Thanks to Eric, Matt, Daniel, John, Amy, Skittlz, the other Eric, Heather, Ken, and to the guy guarding the elevator who needed something to read. Thanks also to whoever kept shouting "poop dollar" in the back of the hotel. You do good work.)

More soon...

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