Scraps and Remnants


The Covenant

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02/11/2014 10:34 PM

This is the first arc (#7-#9) we've written which captures every aspect I wanted to include in Remnants. It feels like Lovecraft and X-Files and Tarantino with a good mix of history and the wonder you should feel when experiencing this stuff.

I hope the rest of the story arcs even come close to this one. And they will. Because they seem to keep getting better.

I would redo the first arc if I could. I'd add more dialogue and more explanations. That's the single most common complaint we've heard.

But we learned. We made changes. And we moved forward.

I hope you enjoy the stuff that's coming out. I'm extremely proud of it.


The king has laid himself down and will not rise again,
The Lord of Kullab will not rise again;
He overcame evil, he will not come again;
Though he was strong of arm he will not rise again;
He had wisdom and a comely face, he will not come again;
He is gone into the mountain, he will not come again;
On the bed of fate he lies, he will not rise again,
Front the couch of many colours he will not come again.

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