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Tampa Bay Comic Con

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03/05/2012 11:44 AM

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted with us this weekend at the Doubletree.


It was a great chance to talk about the series and where it's going and to hear about what a lot of other folks are up to too. We also had a chance to show off some new posters and images from the upcoming third issue. Thanks to everyone who talked to us or supported us or offered any encouragement, and especially for the feedback; good and bad. We really appreciate that.

Special thanks to the folks at for organizing some of the local talant to see if we can help each other out a little. If you're interested in helping those folks out or promoting something of your own, give them a look.

Thanks to Tim Willams for stopping by with his amazing Darth Maul gig and wish him luck at Disney.


And consider checking out Deep Space Tragedy by Mike Wagganer, another local artist trying to promote his work. It's a great read.

Thanks again. And for the folks who picked up #2, we hope you enjoy it.

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