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Megacon 2014

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03/31/2014 12:06 PM

Thanks to everyone who had a chance to visit us at Megacon 2014.

We got to meet a lot of people, and inbetween those visits, we got a lot of writing done. I've got a composition book half-filled with new takes on arcs we'd already written. I guess once you see how previous arcs unfold, after they've been printed, it just fills you with ideas on what you can do to make things even better.

Traffic on Saturday was a bitch. Wow. Leaving at 9:15 from our shitty hotel six miles away wasn't enough to get there by 10. It was enough to get dropped off on I-Drive around 11 to run the rest of the way, while Alex sat in the parking lanes for another hour and a half. And apparently we got off light.

This time we tried something new. With each purchase of a trade paperback, we gave supporters a free link to the digital PDFs of future comics. Based on the response to that, we might keep it up.

We had a chance to talk with Martin Dunn and Scott Morse who are also local Tampa creators. And we met some of the creators of Dark Side Global (a Miami based group who created Max Hunter, definitely worth checking out). And we had a blast sitting next to the Eric and Robbie from the Handsome Boys Comics Hour. (These guys have a really entertaining podcast based on comics culture which offers exploratory insights into the similarities between Kitty Pryde's Lockheed and Figment, the relevence of organic dildos, and even a plug of our own indy rag - please check it out).

Hands down, the best find of the con, was a book called Flesh of White created by Erica J. Heflin and Amanda Rachels which will get a better write-up on our recommendations page.

A few pleasant surprises as well as Tad Kelsen (editor for Protodimensions, the Dark Conspiracy fan magazine) stopped by to introduce himself:


As well as a few other acquaintences from high school or just around (Dylan, Pam, Kat, Maria, Karl & family...  thanks!)

And, uh, Space Ghost...


As always, the best part was talking with a handful of fans we'd seen before. Don't get us wrong. We're going to do this series even if we're the only ones reading, but the encouragement we get from interested fans is beyond measure to us. So a sincere Thank You! to all who took the time.

Til the next con.

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