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11/02/2014 10:13 PM

We're in the middle of issue ten which is going to be a strange story arc mainly due to its length. So far we've had a four issue arc, a two issue arc and then a three issue arc. This next one is likely to go the distance because there's a lot of related threads and we definitely don't want to make the mistake of compressing it. (Or did you like that confusion in issues 1-4?)

It's a chance to start showing off some strong female characters and to really delve into the backgrounds of the people we think we already know. Some aren't as shallow as you might think. Some are moreso. 

While you're waiting, here are a few panels from that upcoming issue:





And as a gift on one of the artist and writer collaboration pages on facebook, the talanted Holly Nicholls sketched a quick rendition of La Cegua, a Nicaraguan legend in and around Lake Managua:


(Thanks, Holly!)

Anyway we're realling gearing up to give you the best story yet. Please stick with us and keep the comments coming in.


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