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Tampa Bay Comic Con 2013

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04/07/2013 11:11 PM

Wow. That was kind of a zoo.

Lauren Cohan from Walking Dead was on hand to sign autographs and do photo-ops. Well the line for that wound its way around the building and out to the parking garage. Soon after, the Fire Marshall arrived to shut things down.

In spite of all that, we were able to move a lot of trade paperbacks this weekend and met a TON of new faces who seemed interested in our work and in Indy Comics in general.

We met an awesome group of New Orleans natives who were so thrilled with JM's rendition of Louis Armstrong Park, that they bought several trades on the spot!

And we saw lots of familiar faces too.

Folks from Con Artist Entertainment stopped by. (If you haven't checked out Martin Dunn's kickstarter for Joshua Black, please consider doing that:

And we got a lot of writing done. Don't get us wrong. The story is done. It's been done for awhile. But somehow the stuff just keeps getting better. We've got a lot of new characters we can't wait to try out.

Remnants #5 was just added to (it may take a few more hours to show up in search queries) and will be in print in just a few weeks and we're on schedule to finish #6 sometime in the May/June time-frame.

Last note. May 4th is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. It also happens to be (perhaps not by coincidence) the day before our Kickstarter ends. We plan to drink plenty on Cinco de Mayo, for one reason or another!

Thanks again to the friendly convention folks who let us take up part of their day at our table. And thanks for the recent emails and notes and thanks to the KICKSTARTER BACKERS we've recently received as well!

You guys are awesome.

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