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Tampa Bay Comic Con

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11/14/2011 06:32 PM

It was a fun time and a hell of a learning experience.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and especially to the ones who were patient while we tried to sort out change! (We'll be better prepared next time).

Thanks to Bianca who offered tons of valuable advice (and yeah, even changed a few singles for us...). Your artwork is amazing. Good luck at Megacon.


We were also set up next to Devin Reeve of Revenger Comics who produced an innovative graphic novel called Humpty Dumpty, which is (of course) about... rednecks and aliens. Doubters can read about it for themselves and maybe consider buying a copy. They've got a movie coming out next year based on it.

Thanks to Daniel, Jacquie, and Duke for making it out to visit us.

And between customers, yeah, Alex and I were working on submission for the next issue of Protodimensions.

Thanks again, we had a great time. Now we're setting up for Yancy Street Comic Con this December 18th.


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