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Quick update. Facebook. Local stuff.

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11/19/2011 09:28 PM

We have a new public group on Facebook. Check it out if you get a chance and "Like" us there.

Thanks to Yancy Street Comics for shelving Remnants #1. (Likewise, thanks to Wonder Water, Emerald City, Serenity, and Weekend Warriors at Oldsmar Flea Market for helping us out).

Someone asked about what other local talant is here in Tampa as far as Indy or self published stuff goes. I can recommend a ton of good stuff at Indy Planet, but locally, I haven't really kept up.

I recently read a silent "Don't Take Your Guns to Town" by Daniel Boyd. I thought it was a pleasant and itneresting read which I think was based on the old Johnny Cash song, or maybe it was his own statement. Anyway it was something creative to try. After reading the book, I checked out his site. That was some pretty creative stuff.

A friend Scott Morse has his own comic called Realm Quest. Consider checking it out. I think it is on sale at most Wonder Water locations and definitely at Weekend Warriors at Oldsmar Flea Market (C 10, east side). Or if you're not local, you can get it here at Indy Planet.

Very Near Mint by Justin Peterson just came out recently. It's a trade, probably 150 pages or so? I've read about half of it and thought it was pretty entertaining. It's about some guys who run a local comic shop. Their weekly shipment of comics goes up in smoke and they have to stave off the zombie-like wave of angry fanboys. So far, it's good for a laugh ;)

The Ciderview Project is an older book created by Michael Goodman, a Florida native. It gets some mixed reviews, but I'm kind of a fan of innovative and creative things whether or not they're polished. It was a 12 issue series, but I'm not sure if it was ever completed. (I've got the first three of them).

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