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09/03/2011 07:52 PM

Well, it's really happening.

The site is up. The first issue is almost finished and soon will be ready for print.

It's been a pipe dream for the past ten years. To somehow get this amazing story that Alex and I discovered in New Orleans back in 2002. To find a way to polish it enough to make it worth telling to anyone who wants to hear a story they've truly never heard.

I've dabbled with sketching my whole life, but really, the level of work required here was just beyond me. No matter how good the story is, you can't get someone to listen if they can't understand the words.

So over the years, Alex and I worked with the scripts. We developed a solid plot with really innovative development and a place to rest our feet at the very end. If you really want your work to be a piece of art, you just have to know where you're going to end up. Or you're just wandering.

So we hashed it out. We decided on everyone's roles and motives. Then we added some extra dimensions to the characters. Because I've never been able to completely figure out a single person in my life. Why should these guys be any different? Why would they be any less complex?

We took it as far as a story and a script would go. And we ran into the same obstacle that had impeded us from the beginning. We needed a good artist.

If you've never read Transhuman, I urge you to stop what you're doing and go buy a copy now. Aside from a cleverly crafted story flavored rather than laden with exposition, you will see raw artistic talant in the pencils and colors indicative of an industry breakthrough. JM Ringuet was a hell of a find. He is doing with digital art what McFarlane did with traditional illustration in the 90s; completely redefining it.

His rough lines and shapes give a grit to the book which is polished by colors which seem to bleed onto the page. It forces you to consider every single panel. You know that it's raw. And you know that it's real. And you can't just gloss over it.

And now we're really close.

Whenever I talk to anyone about this comic I always make two things really clear:

  1. We know it isn't suited for everyone. It isn't a mainstream comic.
  2. There are easier ways to get rich. We aren't doing this for the money.

We just want to tell the story; to finish it. The dream is that someone can hear about it, learn a little more about it, and then if they like, they'll have the opportunity to get a copy and maybe even enjoy it.

We've put pages up on the site to hopefully encourage you to give it a shot. Read a little about us. Read a little about the story. Maybe read a little about our inspirations. Once you get immersed in it, it's really very addictive.

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