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Yancy Street

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12/18/2011 11:02 PM

We had an awesome time at the Yancy Street comic con. Thanks to the staff, and the other friendly vendors at the tables nearby. There were definitely many deals to be had.

Preparation made a difference for us. Prints from both issues and previews from issue #2 were on hand to show off (and JM received a ton of praise for some of his latest inks/colors). Plenty of copies of #1 (and the recent variant) were around. Folks were friendly and interested, and we actually came with proper change this time!

Thanks to absolutely everyone who bothered to take chance on an Indy comic that didn't have a little diamond in the upper corner. We really appreciate the faith, and promise not to let you down. #2 will be due out in a few short weeks.

Thanks especially to Kevin and also Nathan who checked us out at the Tampa Comic Con, sent some really cool feedback, and made a point to stop by and visit us again here. We really appreciate the encouragement. Thanks to who runs his own table, and who stopped by to tell us what he thought of the issue he picked up at the Tampa Bay Comic Con, and thanks to Jeff (at the adjacent table) who surprised us with one of our own comics he'd kept since the last con. That was really cool.


Between customers and passer-bys, we took the time to polish up a Protodimensions submission due out next month, hatched a few alternate reality space-setting/horror ideas, and I got to hear the pitch for a novella that Alex has been brewing for some time now. I won't spoil it here. When he's ready, he'll blog on his own, but it is fucking amazing.

Many thanks to Harrison/Superman who ran enough laps around the con to speed up time. Thanks also to Jeff and his wife at an adjacent table for the company during a few slow times. (Less thanks to whoever cropdusted us, twice). And while we feel terrible witnessing whoever's comic wall that was which fell and busted into a million piecies, props where they are due to the owner, who came armed with a Home Depot power tools rack. The man came ready to do work. Good as new in no time. (Ok, maybe some comics were slightly discounted...)

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who visited us. Thanks to those who bought something and thanks to those who just listened and grabbed a card. And if you just listened to our shpeel, then you know that in a few short weeks, we'll offer a digital PDF of the first book on this site for FREE. Please check it out. All we ask is that after you read it, please just let us know what you thought.

Take care. Merry Christmas.

Scott and Alex

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Added by otsmoke
March 9, 2012

Wow ! Thanks for remembering me guys. It was good to meet you again at the Yancy St. show
I remember telling you that after I finished # 1 it took me a minute to realize the feeling of intrigue I had was much the same as when I closed the book on the first issue of my all time favorite comic " The Watchmen " High praise for sure.
What I neglected to mention was how much I loved the Dreamlike inks. F-ing Awsome. I love that dark shit. Great job !!
Was out of town for the last TBCC show. I need # 2 badly. Emerald City is in my area and I will check with them this weekend.
Can't wait to read it, Kevin
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